Benjamin draws upon his 15 years of creative development, artistic leadership, and social entrepreneurship to help senior executives, management, and sales teams increase their creative capital in business leadership and team building, individual productivity, and presentation acumen. 

His out-of-the box approach and result oriented process has proven effective in numerous industries including healthcare, automotive, fitness, financial services, entertainment, and non-profit, as well as multi-faceted organizations.

Process and Philosophy 

Detailed and effective diagnosis, transference of knowledge to equip individuals with the mindset and tools to solve problems, and ongoing evaluation of progress is part of every engagement.  Through in depth conversation, reflection, and unique solutions, the client is challenged to apply their natural creative abilities to overcome limitations and maximize performance.

Services Include

Maximizing executive and creative potential through one-on-one and team coaching; 3 hour keynote presentation on building a culture of creativity; Design and implementation of culture enhancing programs; Presentation Enhancement; Creating company vision, mission, and core values.

Sample Coaching Experiences

Coached an extremely qualified CEO of a 10 million dollar non-profit who’s limited ability to present, network, and “work a room” was slowing the company’s growth.   We worked together to recognize the blocks in her confidence and develop a personal process that allowed her to overcome the limitations.

Coached the senior HR executive of a 200 million dollar company whose team was suffering from low morale and whose executive presence was lacking.  Worked closely with her to reignite a love for her work and implement creative team building solutions that inspired a spike in workplace morale and productivity.

Benjamin has experience developing the work of Academy Award, Grammy, Emmy, award winning professionals.  As a social entrepreneur, he is responsible for a world-wide movement of Free Listening, and a ground breaking approach to service through art.  He has held faculty positions at the University of San Diego and the Theatre of Arts in Hollywood, Ca.  He has also worked as Head of Production for a multi-million dollar production company, and was responsible for the creative development and execution of films with a 5-20mil dollar budget.

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